Tuesday, February 10, 2004

I have pictures! First, the completed "Midnight Sun" dress and cap:

You would not believe how adorable my daughter looks in it!

And, next, I've finished the back of Fjalar, which is from Elsebeth Lavold's Viking Patterns for Knitting:

I've tried several times and can't get the cables to show up well in the photo. It's in Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece, same as the little dress and Lochinver, the Starmore gansey I finished a few months ago. I got a great deal on all of this cotton fleece, but I'm getting so tired of it and very ready for the feel of something else.

So the next thing I'll probably be sick of is J&S jumperweight yarn, since I bought enough for two big projects: "Donegal" from Starmore's The Celtic Collection and "The Rebozo" from Cheryl Oberle's Folk Shawls. I've already cast on for both, but I didn't like some of the colors I chose for Donegal, so I'm waiting for the arrival of two replacements.

Oh, another photo:

That's the long-languishing crocheted afghan project, which I was inspired to begin last month with all the cold and snow we've been having. It's "Rich Ripples" from Lily Chin's Mosaic Magic: Afghans Made Easy; I wrote about it my last blog entry. I love working with the Tierra Wools yarn, and I'm even enjoying crocheting.

Plus, I have two eager helpers:

Dani, the world's most inventive yarn thief, and:

George, who always wants to cuddle up right under my chin, in a very inconvenient place between my eyes and my knitting. Hmm, now that I've posted photos of my cats, maybe I should join the knitting kitty webring.

Finally, one last photo for today:

This was my haul at the Super Bowl yarn sale at Lost Art. It is 6 balls of variegated cashmere. What luxury! I bought enough to make gloves and a hat, but now I'm not sure exactly what I want to do with it. Any ideas?

And one comment for the "think" part of this blog. We had the Michigan caucuses on Saturday, and I voted for John Edwards. I will be very happy to support Kerry in November if he's the nominee, and all of my friends have shared the same sentiment, regardless of who they're supporting now. It was kind of fun having a caucus and seeing so many of my friends out on Saturday, energized and happy to be taking the first step in getting our country back on track.

Incidentally, I don't know how Blogger works the advertising space at the top of this blog, but I noticed that after my last blog entry, it changed from being yarn advertising to political advertising. But today it's back to yarn. Go figure!