A book a week in 2014

During 2014, knitting content will be sparse on this blog as knitting is pushed aside for my self-imposed challenge to read a book a week.

This goal may seem daunting to all but the most committed bookworms; it's ambitious for me, but achievable. According to my Goodreads data, I read 31 books last year, and I can think of at least a couple I didn't log there. I'll estimate I read between 35 and 40 in 2013, so 52 could be as much as a 33 percent increase. Like I said, ambitious but achievable.

My only firm rule in establishing this challenge is that I won't alter my reading choices to meet the schedule. I won't be substituting 1,000-page biographies with cute cat-wisdom picture books. If a book is calling to me from my shelves or those of the library or bookstore, I'll not ignore it because it's long and I'm behind schedule.

Selections may be from any genre but the majority will likely be literary fiction as that's my favorite. Because my motivation in setting this challenge was to whittle down my ever-lengthening "to read" list, I'll be limiting re-reads to no more than five, and none of them can be by Jane Austen as those are nearly committed to my memory and couldn't under any circumstances be viewed as advancing the project. If I feel compelled to read Persuasion again, it will not be logged.

I'll be posting short reviews after completing each book here and at Goodreads. I'll provide an Amazon link for each title for the convenience of identification, but I urge anyone purchasing a book to do so at your local independent bookseller. In northern Michigan, I recommend Brilliant Books and Horizon Books.

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