Sunday, December 21, 2003


Above is the finished back of "Shannon" and below

the front. Won't the little recipient feel special? I can hardly wait to give it to her, although I'm not sure I'll actually let her wear it.

More from the gallery coming up. I haven't been blogging because I've been so busy knitting. And here's what I've done:

The finished Christmas stocking. Since we've decided to spend the holidays with our families in North Carolina, this won't get used this year.

The requisite fuzzy scarf, which is a gift for my 20-year-old niece. It's in a Berroco yarn.

And finally,

I did two of these, gifts for a niece and nephew. Why didn't anyone tell me that garter stitch is NOT a good idea for stripes on an item that doesn't have a wrong side? Oh well, my sister promises me the recipients will not know the difference. Still, I'm sad to give them such a poor excuse for a Harry Potter scarf when I made such a nice one for my son.

Also, I've knitted and felted the "Fish of Prosperity" bag, but I haven't done the embroidery yet.

All that remains on the needles is the "Midnight Sun" dress and the second in a pair of chunky mittens, which will be finished the next time I get an hour to knit. That won't be today, because I've got to get busy packing!

Happy holidays!

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