Friday, January 28, 2005

Better late than never, and because I'm procrastinating once again, I'll play Leslie's "what's my stuff" game. Here's my list:

Grooming Products
Shampoo--Aubrey Organics Blue Chamomile
Moisturizer--Aubrey Organics Green Tea SPF10
Razor--none in winter, my husband's in summer
Toothpaste--Jason's Seafresh

Cell phone--none. Really.
Computer--Dell Dimension 4600
Television--Old 19"
Stereo--Old JVC with a newer Sony DVD player

Sheets--various. Right now L.L. Bean flannel
Coffee-maker--French press and a Braun automatic
Car--none. Hubby has a Ford Escort wagon that I drive when necessary.
Stationery--?? Probably a good idea. I'll think about getting some.

Bottled water--Tap
Coffee--a dark roast from Higher Grounds, a local fair trade importer
Vodka--almost never
Beer--occasionally at the local brewpub

Jeans--various, purchased at local thrift store
T-shirt--freebies from local orgs
Briefcase or tote--none
Sneakers--Saucony running shoes
Watch--none. I never know what time it is, but I'm rarely late.

Favorite Places
Santa Fe, North Carolina, Montreal, Paris, California, National Parks, any public library but especially my local one and Duke University's Perkins Library, and my local food co-op

Necessary Extravagance
Travel, quality chocolate, expensive olive oil, organic food in general, and maintaining a large personal library when the public library is less than half a mile from my house. (I don't consider yarn an extravagance. Well, maybe the cashmere.)

Now if I were to make the list, mine would be somewhat different from Vanity Fair's. Here's what I would like to ask (and I'll answer for myself -- feel free to chime in or do your own):

Book(s) currently reading: Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell
Best book read in the past year: I'm only half way through, but I think the current one might be
Favorite book ever: Pride and Prejudice
Can't miss TV: The Amazing Race
Last movie rented: Spiderman (it was family night)
Best movie seen in the past year: hmmm. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter.. Spring. But always, every year, the Colin Firth version of Pride and Prejudice. I watch it frequently.
Magazine subscriptions: The Atlantic Monthly. Interweave Knits. Spin-Off. Rowan.
On the radio: NPR. The Diane Rehm Show.
Newspaper: The Traverse City Record-Eagle, sadly. The New York Times on the web.
1st five daily clicks:,,,
Partner: John, husband of 15 years
Children: two, Dylan (11) and Leah (8)
Siblings: two younger, Susan and Bill
Parents: David and Lorraine, still kicking down in North Carolina
Extended family: Semi-large. Four sets of uncles and aunts (some deceased), 10 first cousins, numerous 2nd and 3rd cousins. Regular get-togethers, although most take place in North Carolina and are infrequently attended by me.
People who are like family: Many of my neighbors and other friends in Traverse City.
House size and style: about 1800sq ft, 110-year-old Victorian
Neighborhood: downtown Traverse City
Sidewalks?: yes, of course
Relationships with neighbors: Excellent
Favorite hobbies and activities
Well, since this is a knitting blog, one will be obvious. Also spinning, reading, watching movies, walking, and traveling at every opportunity.
Secret vices (and obviously they won't be a secret once they're on the blog)
SimCity 4. Technically, it was my son's Christmas present. He's had few minutes with it, though, since I'm hogging it.
Dreaded chores
Cleaning the litter box. Laundry. Cleaning anything really.
What gets you out of bed in the morning
Technically, getting the kids to school. But in the broader sense, I suppose it's the anticipation that the day will have joy. Thankfully, it usually does.

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