Thursday, November 20, 2003

Yesterday was a great knitting day as I had tons of meetings. I made lots of progress on the two Harry Potter scarves, but they are silly and boring and nothing like the nice one I made for my son. If only I had started sooner, I could have made equally nice gifts for my niece and nephew. But, then I would have had to knit the same scarf three times, so maybe it's just as well it worked out the way it did.

Here's the picture (I'm testing to see if I have finally figured out how to do this):

In the thinking category, a must-read story came in my in-box a few days ago about Wal-Mart and how we're shopping ourselves out of jobs. Apparently, those everyday low prices can only be achieved by shipping the work overseas. It seems to me this situation can't continue indefinitely for Wal-Mart because if we lose too many jobs, they'll lose too many shoppers.

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