Saturday, March 13, 2004

Today is one of those days when I am really missing the West. Last winter we were living in Colorado, just west of Boulder, courtesy of my husband's journalism fellowship. During our nine months there, I fell in love with the Southwest, particularly New Mexico. I have regular fantasies about moving to Santa Fe. Today I am nursing those fantasies by crocheting the mosaic afghan from the yarn I picked up last March at Tierra Wools and I'm burning some Southwestern incense in a little earthenware kiva. Tonight I will make green chile for dinner.

Here is the finished "Incan Figures" bag, front:

and back:

I also stitched in a lining and zipper, which the ever-curious Dani inspects here:

I've made some more progress on the front of Fjalar and I've started the third repeat of Donegal. My mindless take-away knitting is The Rebozo shawl, but as I'm slowly working my way off of boards that have a lot of meetings, progress on that is slowing down.

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