Friday, April 09, 2004

Just back from Spring Break in North Carolina. It was great to escape the Michigan cold and see actual green things, plus dogwoods and azaleas in bloom. The weather could have been a bit warmer, but we still had a good time visiting the relatives.

I have two fiber highlights from the trip. On the way down, I dropped off a Romney fleece I purchased last summer for processing at Zeilinger in Frankenmuth. I finally gave up the idea of scouring and hand-carding it because I realized it would take forever and all I really want to do is just spin the darn thing. The roving should be arriving next week.

The other highlight was a visit to Shuttles Needles & Hooks in Cary, N.C. This is the kind of shop I would probably own if I ever were insane enough to own a yarn shop. It's in an old house in the "historic" downtown. Everything is in total chaos and yarn is falling out of every nook and cranny. An upstairs room is devoted to weaving, and it looks like the shop may hold classes there as the looms are reasonably accessible. A back room has spinning wheels, but they are somewhat hard to reach as yarn and other items are stacked on top. Another room has books and pattern leaflets and a table to sit and browse or knit. It's a very fun place. When I stopped in, I had my hubby with me, so I couldn't spend the whole afternoon there like I might have if I had been alone. I didn't buy yarn (shock!) I purchased the new Elsebeth Lavold cotton book and a small bottle of oil for my spinning wheel.

Btw, the oil -- which comes in an ingenious little bottle made by Schacht -- worked great. Now my bobbin is flying off its holder almost every two minutes. I want a new wheel! Although I've been ogling the beauties at Michigan-based Winsome Timbers, I think probably a Lendrum is more in my budget, plus practical as a fold-up traveling wheel. I also like the large bobbins.

I only took one project on vacation -- The Rebozo. I'm now 2/3 finished and will post a photo soon, along with another special treat. Check back in a day or two!

Oh, the schedule is out for the Michigan Fiber Festival. Lots of good classes and teachers, including Anna Zilboorg. It is the exact same dates as Stitches Midwest. I suppose one could go to both.... hmmm.....

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