Monday, May 03, 2004

As the calendar now indicates we are now in the month of May, I suppose eventually warm weather will come again to northern Michigan and I will be spending more time outside and less time inside watching TV and knitting. That is a good thing, if the first night of May sweeps is any indication of what is in store on the boob tube. I am embarrassed to admit I watched the last 45 minutes of last night's disaster movie on NBC -- "10.5". We turned it on in time to see the Golden Gate Bridge collapse. But apparently this was a teaser quake and we have to tune in again tonight if we want to see California fall into the ocean. I think not.

Especially since "Love Actually" came out on video a few days ago and I have yet to see it. I tried on Saturday night, but all the copies were checked out at my neighborhood rental score. This is a bonanza week for Colin Firth fans as "Girl with a Pearl Earring" is released on video tomorrow. All Colin, all the time. What more could a girl want? (pun intended!)

I know that some knitters dislike Lily Chin, apparently because she is popular with the new hip urban knitters. Well, get over it and check out her new book, Knit and Crochet with Beads. I picked it up last week at Lost Art and I have to say there are some tempting projects in it. The Bogus Bohus Cardigan might interest a few KBTHers, although La Chin promises that "it's a lot easier to do" than it looks. The cover design, a lacy mohair stole, is gorgeous. There is also a very pretty tank top in which beads give the illusion of cables.

No pictures today. I plan to update and redesign my web page in the near future (I hope that by announcing my intentions, I will actually be compelled to do it).

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