Monday, May 17, 2004

A little blog housekeeping to start. I noticed this weekend that the referral system appeared to be out again as my blog did not have the usual list of referring web pages. Then this morning when I was reading Wendy's blog, I noticed that her referral list was working and I wondered, what's up with that? So I clicked on the link to the referral service, copied and pasted the code back into my blog template, and saw that the address has changed. Either I wasn't a registered user and didn't get notified (very possible) or I did get notified and deleted it as spam (also very possible). Anyway, you other bloggers who have been using the referral system and have wondered where your list has gone may want to check it out!

No pictures today. I know I said I would take another photo of Fjalar in the sun, but I missed my opportunity yesterday and now the sun is gone again. I'm almost finished with The Rebozo and I'm almost to the armhole steeks on Donegal. I also swatched for Audrey and got gauge the first time with the recommended 5.0 needles. The Rowan Calmer feels so good!

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