Friday, May 14, 2004

Finally, a Finished Object to show! This is Fjalar, a design from Elsebeth Lavold's Viking Patterns for Knitting, in Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece:

Here's a detail of the cabled band:

Thanks to Joe for the photography tips. The last time I attempted to photograph Fjalar, the texture did not show at all. Joe recommended photographing it with the morning or afternoon sun, without a flash. Since I live in northern Michigan, the odds are not good that the sun will peek out when I happen to be home with my digital camera ready, but I did at least take it outside for natural lighting. The sky is so gray and drippy today that I could not stop the flash from going off, but I think the texture is somewhat visible. If, as promised, we do get some sun tomorrow, I will try again. And I suppose the one good thing about the current weather is that I don't have to wait until fall to wear the sweater (45F as I write this!)

As long as I'm trying to find silver linings... While the horrendous events that have brought this about still make me nauseated, I'm somewhat heartened to see that at least Bush's poll numbers are starting to drop. Maybe people are finally getting a clue! How many people have to die or be tortured before the remaining 44% stop approving of the way Bush is handling his job?

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