Monday, May 10, 2004

In knitting news: I joined the Audrey knit-along and I'm very eager to begin, but I've promised myself not to even swatch it until I've finished at least one current WIP. Thanks to a rainy weekend that was perfect for movies and knitting (finally got to see "Love Actually"!), I am just a few rows short of finishing the sleeves for Fjalar (from Lavold's Viking Patterns for Knitting), and thanks to T-ball games and various meetings, I'm only 3 stripes away from finishing "The Rebozo" (here's an old photo of it):

If all goes well, I should be swatching before the end of the week.

But sadly, if I can't learn to control myself around Green & Black's chocolate, I may not be able to fit into Audrey or any other sweater! This stuff is insanely good, and last month my local food co-op had it on sale and I "stocked up." At least I thought I stocked up; it's all gone now. I was eating it at the rate of two bars a day. My favorite is Almond, which is whole roasted almonds in a yummy milk chocolate. But my local store doesn't have the toffee, which is probably a good thing for me. I also highly recommend the Maya Gold. Actually, they are all delicious. Does Calmer stretch much?

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